Fully Managed Event Sourcing Platform

Serialized is a fully managed cloud-hosted platform. We provide APIs and tools for everything you need to build scalable systems and Microservices using CQRS and Event Sourcing.

Never lose important information

By storing all events you never lose any information potentially important to your business. You can process your events at any time and present them in any way you like, without affecting your business logic.

Use your business language

Business events make sense to everyone in your company and building your software based on such events brings everyone closer together. It helps you build the software your business wants and it is easier for everyone to understand the code you write.

Get productive today

Your development time is a precious resource. Since we made our cloud-hosted engine fully managed, it helps your team focus on what's important - writing code for your business. There is no need to configure infrastructure components or setup any hardware.

Event sourcing

You wouldn't build your own database. You shouldn't build your own event store either.

Custom projections

Setup use-case specific projections to present your data in different ways.

Event reactions

Define reactions to build advanced business flows or trigger third-party services.


Because managing your own servers is such a waste of time.


Your business data is immediately presented on a dashboard.

Encrypted & safe

Client-side encryption makes sure your private data never gets in the wrong hands.

Serialized is built on modern and battle-proven technology