Complete platform for
Event Sourcing & CQRS

Build fast, scalable and secure event-driven systems using any language. No more managing storage infrastructure or databases.

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All our APIs are HTTP-based. This means you can build applications using Serialized in any language or technology you want.

Supports any programming language

Why use Serialized?

Serialized provides a complete platform for building event-driven systems based on Event Sourcing and CQRS. We believe it is the best managed solution on the market for Event Sourcing.

Code first

All Serialized configuration and data is available via our APIs. We recommend all changes are deployed as source code as part of your CI/CD pipeline or your application initialization.

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Provide super-fast reads by decoupling reads from your writes. You can define transforms to make your events suit your client needs while Serialized keeps the projections up-to-date for you.


Build completely event-driven systems. Events are your source of truth that you use to create both projections for querying and reactions for driving long-running processes.


Everything is transported via encrypted channels and all data is encrypted at rest. We offer optional client-side encryption support for use cases with additional requirements on privacy

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Strong consistency

Utilize strong consistency guarantees where it matters. You may use our optimistic concurrency support to handle high-contention or eventual consistency for decoupling reads from writes.

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All users get support via chat. Our team have many years experience of running development projects using event sourcing and CQRS and are happy to help your team succeed.

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