Write your own event projectors

Announcement: Custom projections for your domain events. Since the start we have supported JsonPath-defined projections but now we also introduced external projections, which preferably are deployed as cloud functions on for example AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

Jesper Hammarbäck


We are happy to present our latest Serialized feature - the possibility to write your own event projectors!

Since the start we have supported projections defined using JsonPath expressions. More complex projections have been possible to implement by subscribing to the raw event feed and storing the result on your side.

By using external projector functions, preferably deployed as cloud functions (eg. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), you have full control over how to project events and Serialized takes care of the rest.

For more details, check out the documentation and the sample project showing how to deploy a custom projector as an AWS Lambda function.

Happy Event Sourcing!

Serialized Explainer

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