Event Sourcing and CQRS sample code

We just published some new sample code to our public Github account. It includes samples for Event Sourcing with Java and using our APIs with Golang. Please check it out!

Jesper Hammarbäck


Examples are a great way to learn any new programming paradigm. We've put together some example applications for Event Sourcing and CQRS and published them on our Github account.

Java examples

We just wanted you to know we added some Java sample code that demonstrates how you could use the Event Sourcing API and the Event Feed API!

You should also check out our updated Getting Started guide and the brand new Event Projection API

Also, there are more Java resources available here on our website.

Javascript/Typescript examples

We have some examples showing how to use Serialized with both Typescript and Javascript in our Typescript/Javascript sample code repository.

There are more resources for getting started using Typescript/Javascript available here.

Golang examples

If you are a Gopher, have a look at the example our friend Marcus Olsson put together in Go!

Hope these sample applications can help you get started with Event Sourcing & CQRS using Serialized APIs.