Using Serialized

Your Account

When you register with Serialized you get an account which can be administered using our Console. Since you will be the owner of the account you are the only person who can perform tasks such as closing the account or transferring account ownership to someone else (each account can have only one owner).


Each project is a logical organization of data and configuration and the storage for the data in different projects is completely separated. You can view each project as the storage for a separate subsystem in your architecture.

A Project is owned by an account and can only be accessed via the API keys connected to the project or via the console for users that are members of the projects’ account. To organize your system you can add any number of projects to an account. Note that adding projects may affect your billing costs (see our pricing for details).

When you login to the Console you will notice that we automatically created your first project for you.

API keys

To use the API in your project you also need API keys. Each project has a set of API keys that can be used when communicating with the Serialized API.

Account administrators can add or revoke API keys from the Console. Administrators are also responsible for making sure only authorized user’s can use the access keys. See our terms & conditions for more information.