Subscribing via AWS Marketplace

You can manage your Serialized account by purchasing a subscription through AWS Marketplace. All costs will be added to the AWS bill of the AWS account that you connect to your Serialized account.

Finding the product

To find the Serialized product offering in AWS, log in to your AWS account and open AWS Marketplace Subscriptions from the services search bar.

Press Manage subscriptions to open the page for your AWS Marketplace subscriptions and search for Serialized in the product catalog.

Select the Serialized product to vising the product page.

Here you can see the pricing information and some interesting links. To continue with the subscription, press Continue to subscribe at the top of the product page.

Selecting your plan

The Serialized plans are available as different contracts on the AWS Marketplace product page. Select the plan that you want to purchase and connect to your account and press Create contract.

You now have a subscription to the selected plan. The next step is to connect your subscription to the desired Serialized account.

Connecting your subscription to your account

To connect your subscription to your Serialized account, navigate to the subscription page for your Serialized subscription in AWS Marketplace and click on Set up product.

This will take you to the Serialized console where you will have the option to connect any of the accounts that you administer.


Problems during connecting the account

If you experience any issues when connecting your AWS subscription to your Serialized account, you can try to connect again by visiting the AWS Marketplace subscriptions page in your AWS account.

Click on Set up product again in order to retry the connection process.