AWS VPC connect

Use our VPC connect feature to establish VPC link between your internal VPC and Serialized.

VPC endpoints

Serialized provides a VPC Endpoint Service that allows you to setup a VPC Endpoint that will route traffic directly to the Serialized APIs. To read more about how the VPC connect works, there are details in the AWS documentation about AWS PrivateLink.

The benefits of VPC connections

Network traffic isolation

Using VPC connect enables routing of traffic from backend services inside an isolated subnet (without a NAT gateway) to Serialized without routing via the internet.

When you have enabled the VPC connection via a VPC endpoint, traffic will go directly from your VPC to Serialized internal VPC. This can simplify network traffic

Increased security

Regular API integration with Serialized is secure. All traffic is encrypted and data is always encrypted at rest. There is also the possibility to use client-side encryption to further increase protection of sensitive data.

However, to reduce the networking impact and the number of touch-points your integration will have with servers outside your control, it is even more secure to use a direct VPC-to-VPC integration. With this integration, calls to Serialized will never be routed through the internet.

Setting up the VPC connection

VPC connections are supported on any paid plan. To enable VPC connect you and provide us with some information regarding your AWS account. Setting up the VPC connection comes with an initial setup fee and an additional monthly cost that will be added to your monthly invoice. For more information about enabling VPC connections, contact our sales at

After enabling the VPC connection feature you will receive information about how to integrate using our client libraries or using plain HTTP(S).

If you have any questions regarding our VPC connect feature, please reach out to our support at