Deleting tenants

This page describes how to delete tenants in Serialized.

To simplify offboarding and data cleanup for your customer's data, Serialized provides a convenient way of deleting tenants.

Deleting a tenant

The deletion of a tenant removes all data for that tenant permanently, so be careful when integrating this API method in a user-facing application.

Below is an example of how to delete a tenant with ID 13a1addc-1d81-4425-af84-50b1b960880a using our SDKs.

var tenantClient = tenantClient(config).build();tenantClient.deleteTenant(UUID.fromString("13a1addc-1d81-4425-af84-50b1b960880a"));
const tenantClient = Serialized.create(config).tenantClient();await tenantClient.deleteTenant({tenantId: '13a1addc-1d81-4425-af84-50b1b960880a'})

Deleting a tenant does not affect any definitions in your project, such as projection definition or reaction definitions.

Grace period

Deleting a tenant should be considered a permanent operation. However, if a mistake has been made the data will be recoverable within a grace period of 30 days.

After this period the data will be permanently deleted.