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Implement reactions with IFTTT

This page describes how to implement IFTTT actions in Serialized.

The action type (IFTTT_POST) requires the field targetUri to be populated with a valid IFTTT webhook URI (i.e. starting with The map valueMap is used for storing the (up to three) dynamic values supported by IFTTT. Simple templating is supported and event data can be accessed using dot (.) notation.

Example of a Reaction posting a request to IFTTT:

{  "reactionName": "ifttt-payment-notifier",  "feedName": "payment",  "reactOnEventType": "CaptureCompleted",  "action": {    "actionType": "IFTTT_POST",    "targetUri": "<your-key>",    "valueMap": {      "value1": "Payment made by ${} with amount ${}.",      "value2": "Some more data",      "value3": "Even more..."    }  }}

Given this event:

{  "eventId": "ca37d05c-a852-4de5-961f-16fb35e8cd7b",  "eventType": "CaptureCompleted",  "data": {    "customerId": "some-test-id-1",    "amount": 12345  }}

the request body POST:ed to IFTTT would look like this:

{  "value1": "Payment made by some-test-id-1 with amount 12345.",  ...  "value9": "Some more data"}