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Implementing Slack reactions

This page describes how to implement Slack actions in Serialized.

The action type (SLACK_POST) requires the field targetUri to be populated with a valid Slack webhook URI. The message text is specified in the field body. Simple templating is supported and event data can be accessed using dot (.) notation.

Example of a Reaction posting a notification to Slack:

{  "reactionName": "on-order-placed-slack-notifier",  "feedName": "order",  "reactOnEventType": "OrderPlacedEvent",  "action": {    "actionType": "SLACK_POST",    "targetUri": "",    "body": "A new order with number ${} was placed by ${}!"  }}

Given this event:

{  "eventId": "ca37d05c-a852-4de5-961f-16fb35e8cd7b",  "eventType": "OrderPlacedEvent",  "data": {    "orderNumber": "12312345",    "customer": {      "email": ""    }  }}

the message to Slack will look like this:

A new order with number 12312345 was placed by!