Fully managed

Our solution is fully managed and highly available. You don't have to manage servers or upgrade databases to manage your production environment anymore.

The concept of Event Sourcing is very simple. That's why it's tempting for many developers to take on the task to implement the infrastructure pieces needed to use Event Sourcing for their applications.

There are however a number of tricky problems that arise when developing an Event Sourcing solution that will take a substantial amount of time to implement. Using a platform built for Event Sourcing let you use the benefits from the technology without having to solve the underlying technical problems.

On top of the hard technical challenges related to Event Sourcing, you also need to handle areas such as data management and security.

Serialized is fully managed. This means you can get started without worrying about installing or managing anything except your application code.

Things that we provide for you

Application development and solving business problems that bring value should be the core focus of any good developer. Selecting the right tool for the job instead of trying to figure out how to build tools yourself is also a good trait in any experienced developer.

Choosing Serialized as an platform for your development you get a lot for free.

  • Data backups
  • Additional features for building applications (projections, reactions.)
  • Support for separating multiple projects
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Encryption of your data (at rest)
  • High-availability over multiple geographical regions
  • Technical support

Account structure

We provide a flexible account and team collaboration model. When you sign up to Serialized, you by default get a personal (free) account. As your use of Serialized grows, or you become a member of an organization that uses Serialized, you will be invited as a member to that organization.

Under your account you can manage the following:

  • Team management
  • Subscription plan
  • Billing & payment methods
  • Settings for notifications and more

In this example, Barbara has her own personal development account and is also a member of Acme's corporation account.

There is no limit on the number of accounts you can have access to.


A Project is the entry point for all APIs and is also the container of your data. All projects are isolated from each other on a storage level.

Projects are the main entry point for all APIs. Your API keys are connected to a single project, and your data is stored in a single project. You can create multiple projects in your account for different use cases.

There are many scenarios where using multiple projects can be useful:

Different environments

You can use different projects for separating data in different development environments (development, test, production).

Different teams

You can provide teams with their separate projects where the data for their services can live in an isolated environment from each other.

Different development projects

You may have different internal development projects that should not be dependent on each other or interfere with each other, but you may still want to keep them under the same Account to collect your billing in an aggregated way.

If you use multi-tenancy projects, each tenant's data is also isolated. Read more about multi-tenancy here.

Can I run Serialized on-premise?

No, for the reasons laid out on this page we don't offer an on-premise solution today. We truly believe that the future of software development means higher-level APIs to build better applications that are designed for the customer.

Good developers should spend the majority of their time solving business problems and delivering value. Setting up infrastructure and managing on-premise installations of software are tasks that should be minimized.

For questions about our different plans, see our pricing page or contact us directly.