Plans & pricing

Choose the plan that fits your business

We offer diffent plans for different situations. Scale as you grow and pay for what you use. All plans include all APIs and key features.

You can upgrade your plan at any time without losing your data.

All plans include

  • Full API access
  • Unlimited event storage
  • Unlimited projections
  • Unlimited reactions
  • Fully managed solution
  • Database backups
  • Business dashboard & Administration console
  • Encryption support


For personal- and non-commercial use

  • 1 project
  • Up to 1m requests/month
  • Online chat support
  • Single region (EU)
  • Multi-tenant support


For smaller companies and software teams looking for a tailored event sourcing solution

149 / month
+ €9 / database / month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 5m requests/month
  • Online chat support
  • Single region (EU)
  • Multi-tenant support


For growing B2B companies and companies with high demands on performance

499 / month
+ €9 / database / month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 50m requests/month
  • Online chat support
  • Single region (EU)
  • Multi-tenant support


For large-scale enterprises with customers all over the world

Contact us
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited requests
  • Professional support plan
  • Multiple regions
  • Multi-tenant support

How does the trial work?

If you cancel a paying plan within the trial period you won’t be charged a thing. If you do choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds can not be issued after your initial trial has ended and we don’t charge for partial months.

How long is the trial period?

Once you've registered and started using the service we'll agree on a period that works for you. Typically, 30 days is enough for evaluation but we acknowledge that there may be exceptions and will listen to your suggestion.

What is a project and how many do I need?

A project is a logical compartment of data within Serialized. All APIs are connected via a project, so projections and reactions must be defined in the same projects as the event they are defined to handle. You can create as many projects as you want within your account. This can be useful for separating different environments (production/test/dev) or to separate data stored from different applications.

Statistics and reports are also automatically calculated per project, so things that should be measured separately in your business might be best kept in different projects.

Your data within each project will be stored in one or more isolated databases. If you create a regular project, it will store all data (events and projections) within a single, isolated database. It is also possible to create a multi-tenant project, which will keep data isolated for separate end customers within the same project (to learn more - read about our multi-tenancy support).

How many projects you need is very dependant upon your use-case. We're happy to help you figure out how to best organize your use of Serialized to get the most out of the service.


In a B2B situation where you have multiple customers, multi-tenancy enabled projects are a convenient way to separate data for each customer. This isolates your customers' data from each other and provides stronger security and makes your life simpler since you only have to deal with one customer at a time.

Please talk to us if you need guidance regarding multi-tenancy support.