How Event Sourcing is a great fit for the gaming industry

Event sourcing and CQRS are very useful patterns for backend development of gaming applications.

  • Solve tricky regulatory requirements
  • Low latency writes and highly scalable
  • Track user behaviour

Audit trail

Most gaming applications have high compliance requirements. Event sourcing gives your application an audit trail out of the box, making it easier to meet regulatory requirements.

Get insights

Understand your users

Designing your application around events and processes shortens the feedback loop to your business experts. You will always know what your users are doing and how it affects your system.

High performance

Scale up

Leverage the fact that writing to the event sequence is really fast. Meanwhile, updating statistics and player data can be asynchronous within some limitations which makes this a very scalable architecture for gaming applications.


Gaming companies that uses event sourcing


Why Serialized?

We provide a scalable B2C pricing model that grows with your user base. With a cloud-first, managed solution you can focus on your game development and growth and let us handle the heavy-lifting of the infrastructure.

If you are considering using event sourcing and CQRS for your gaming application, we are happy to help you get started. We have helped a number of the most successful gaming companies, including NetEnt and bWin.